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Rideshare Plus - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rideshare Plus? And what’s new for 2016?

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Rideshare Plus is an incentive program available to employers through IE Commuter to reward employees that regularly rideshare. Rideshare Plus members have access to special offers from more than 135,000 merchants locally and nationwide. For 2016, IE Commuter and Entertainment® have transitioned Rideshare Plus to an improved online program, allowing members to enjoy bigger and better offers simply by logging on to their IE Commuter account at

Which of my employees are eligible for Rideshare Plus?

Employees must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • Rideshare to work at least five days per month for at least three months (“Rideshare” = carpool, vanpool, taking the bus or train, bike, walk, or telecommute)
  • Be a resident of Western Riverside County or San Bernardino County

How can my employees participate in the FY2016/2017 Rideshare Plus program?

Eligible employees will fall into one of the four categories below:

  1. New members (those applying for the first time)
    • Visit and login or select “Get Started Now” to register.
    • Once logged in, select “Sign up for Rideshare Plus” and complete the application.
    • Once approved, commuters will receive an email notifying them they can access their online Entertainment® savings simply by logging back on to IE Commuter
  2. Renewing members (commuters that had a Rideshare Plus membership in 2015) will be contacted by IE Commuter directly with instruction on how to renew their membership for the FY2016/2017 Rideshare Plus program.
  3. Commuters that participate in the $2/Day Incentive are automatically enrolled in Rideshare Plus and will receive an email notification with instructions to access their Entertainment® savings by logging on to IE Commuter.
  4. Rideshare Plus members that have received a FY2016/2017 coupon book will be emailed and/or mailed information on creating or accessing their IE Commuter account and online Entertainment® savings:
    • Visit and login or select “Get Started Now” to register.
    • Once logged in, select “Enter Rideshare Plus Code” beneath the “Sign up for Rideshare Plus” button.
    • Enter the Access Code noted on the inside left cover of the rewards book received in the mail.
    • Once the Access Code has been accepted, the online Entertainment® savings will be available, simply log back on to IE Commuter at any time to access Rideshare Plus.

What happened to the coupon books?

The coupon books previously provided contained a limited number of coupons.  To enhance the value and variety of offers available to Rideshare Plus members, IE Commuter in partnership with Entertainment®, have transitioned Rideshare Plus to an improved online offering.  There are a limited number of Rideshare Plus coupon books reserved for commuters with no email capabilities or internet access.  

Can ETCs and commuters continue to submit paper applications?

Yes, new paper applications are available here or can be requested from IE Commuter by calling 1-866-RIDESHARE (866-743-3742). Paper applications can be emailed to or mailed to: P.O. Box 10431, San Bernardino, CA 92423. Commuters will receive an email from IE Commuter once their application has been approved. Please recycle old Rideshare Plus applications that you may have.

How can I see what my employee participation is for Rideshare Plus and $2/Day programs?

ETCs can access employee activity by logging on to IE Commuter’s Incentive Management module/portal and viewing the Admin Redemption Forms.

How can I promote the new benefits of Rideshare Plus to my employees?

Call IE Commuter at 1-866-RIDESHARE (866-743-3742) to receive a flyer that can be shared with commuters.

Who can I contact for assistance?

Call the IE Commuter team at 1-866-RIDESHARE (866-743-3742).