Vanpool Qualification

By filling out the form below we will determine if you qualify for VanClub ongoing vanpool subsidy. Do not fill out the form below if you: 

Want to join an existing Enterprise Rideshare vanpool?
View available vanpools using IE Commuter's find ridematches tool and/or contact us via email or call us at 844-VANCLUB (844.826.2582)

Intend to lease a vehicle through CalVans or join an existing CalVans vanpool?
Visit this page for details on the CalVans leasing process and how to apply.

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Identify the zip code of where the van is parked at the home end. The zip code location can be the drivers' home, a Park & Ride lot or a business. No PO Boxes.
Identify the zip code of where the van is parked during the work day.
Calculate using Google Maps
Average round trip miles traveled, to and from work, each day by this vanpool. To qualify, round trip mileage must be 30 miles or more per day.
The vanpool capacity you lease or plan to lease is the maximum number of passengers that the van can carry, including the driver and must be between a 7 to 15-passenger vehicle.
On average, how many persons will commute in the vanpool, including the driver. Minimum to qualify is 5 or more persons, including the driver.
A signed lease with Enterprise Rideshare is required before your application can be reviewed/approved. Please note that only the person who signs the lease may apply to the program (aka Leaseholder) and can be a commuter in the vanpool or an Employer representative. (Personal or company-owned vehicles do not qualify for this program).
Your email will be kept in confidence and will only be used by VanClub Administrators to contact you should there be any questions and/or to provide you with program updates that may affect your VanClub vanpool.
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