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  • Call 511 within the Inland Empire and 1-877-MYIE511 toll-free from anywhere.
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Frequently Asked Questions

All I want to do is talk to a live operator. What do I do?

The system does not provide a live operator to help you with the phone system. You may say “Help” while using the system and receive recorded help information.

All transit agency call transfers during business hours are to a live operator. If you need transit information after hours, you can always go to the Bus/Rail Trip Planner at

What do I do when the system cannot recognize what I am saying?

The IE511 phone system uses an Interactive Voice Recognition system to guide you through the menu options. If the system has a problem recognizing your request, it is usually a result of one of the following:

You are saying something that the system is not programmed to recognize for that particular menu. For example, you say “Car Accident Information” instead of “Traffic.”

We have made every attempt to ensure that 511 is usable by as many people as possible, however, the system might be having difficulty understanding your voice.

There could be background noise that prevents the system from recognizing your request.

SOLUTIONS: Please speak as clearly as possible and try to minimize any background noise. If this is still unsuccessful, 511 also offers a touch-tone system that you can use. Just press “0” at each menu, and the system will list the options with a corresponding number to press. Remember, you need to press “0” at every new menu to hear the touch-tone codes. Once you’ve learned the touch-tones, however, there is no need to press “0” to hear the list of choices; just enter your selection. The number to enter will correspond to the order that the menu options are presented. For example, if you are in the Transit menu and want to access the list of San Bernardino County transit operators, you will hear it listed as the second item. By pressing “2” immediately you will gain access.

What if the system is busy when I call?

The system may be experiencing an unusually high volume of calls when you called, so the best advice is to call back. We are monitoring call volumes, and if we need to increase system capacity, we will do so.

Why do I not reach the Inland Empire 511 System when I dial 511?

There are four main reasons why you might not reach the 511 System when dialing it:

  1. You are out of our service area. (See service area map)
  2. Your telephone company currently does not provide access to 511. We have tried to make sure we have included all cell and landline carriers in our operations. The landline carriers include AT&T and Verizon. Cell carriers include AT&T, MetroPCS, Nextel, T-Mobil and Verizon. If you still can’t connect to 511 using one of these providers, contact them directly. In the meantime, you can dial 1‑877‑MYIE511 toll free.
  3. You are calling from a centralized phone system such as a Private Business Exchange (PBX). PBXs are systems that allow for four-digit calling within your business. Therefore, you may need to take a few simple steps to program your PBX to allow for 511 calling. If you need assistance with any programming questions, please call your PBX vendor.
  4. You are calling from a cable or internet phone service. The Federal Communications Commission does not require cable providers or internet-based phone services to implement the 511 shortcut. You can dial 1‑877‑MYIE511 toll-free.

Why didn’t IE511 tell me about the incident that slowed my trip?

511 receives the majority of its incident information from the California Highway Patrol (CHP) and Caltrans. This information is reported as it is updated by both the CHP and Caltrans. Sometimes, you will experience an incident before it is reported on the system.

Occasionally, there are more incidents on a single highway than we can report. 511 only plays the top five incidents in terms of severity.

Sometimes there is just too much traffic. This is reported as congestion and travel times are given.

How do I use the system if I am hearing-impaired?

Hearing-impaired callers can dial 711 and access all of the IE511 transportation information. 711 is the national three-digit number for access to Telecommunication Relay Services (TRS). Callers dial 711 and ask the operator to connect them to the 511 service. Once connected, the 711 operator acts as a go-between, relaying callers’ requests for travel information to the Inland Empire 511 system and then providing system responses back to the callers. Click here for more accessibility information.

How do I use the system if I am speech-impaired?

Speech-impaired callers can use the touch-tone back-up system to access all of the Inland Empire 511 transportation information. To use touch-tone selections, just press “0” at each menu. The system will list the menu options with a corresponding number. You simply press the number that matches your choice. Every time you reach a new menu or choice, you must press “0” to hear the touch-tone options, but once you’ve learned the touch-tones, there is no need to press “0” to hear the list of choices; just enter your selection. The number to enter will correspond to the order that the menu options are presented. When you use the touch-tone system, press keys slowly and firmly. Click here for more accessibility information.

What are the tricks for navigating the system faster and more efficiently?

The number one way to move through the system faster is to interrupt. After you have listened to the introductory message, you can “barge in.” Once you know what questions will be asked, you can answer them as soon as the system starts asking them. You DO NOT need to wait for the system to finish the question before answering. For example, you can say the name of your starting point once you are in Freeway Traffic section. You do not need to wait for the system to ask for your starting point.

Another trick to better navigate the system is to use the menu shortcuts. Shortcuts are requests, made after the introductory message at the Main Menu is complete, that bypass the menu structure and take you directly to the feature you requested. See the phone menu page for the specific shortcuts.

What does IE511 provide traffic information for?

The IE511 service provides traffic information for all freeways in Southern California. This information is organized into segments from intersecting freeway to intersecting freeway. For example, traffic along the 60 freeway is provided in segments from the I-10 to the I-215, the I-215 to the 91, the 91 to the I-15, and so on. You will be asked to identify the freeway you are requesting information for, your direction of travel, and the segment from intersecting freeway to intersecting freeway.

View the traffic map to see the freeways for which traffic information is available. The only areas that do not have traffic information are colored gray. These areas are not available because there is no detection equipment installed in the roadway that would allow congestion reporting. We still report incidents on those roadways.

Which public transit agencies are included in IE511?

Riverside County Transit

  • Riverside Transit Agency
  • Corona Cruiser
  • Banning Transit Agency or Pass Transit Agency
  • Beaumont Transit Agency or Pass Transit Agency
  • Palo Verde Valley Transit Agency or Desert Roadrunner
  • SunLine Transit Agency

San Bernardino County Transit

  • Barstow Transit Agency
  • Mountain Area Regional Transit Authority (MARTA)
  • Morongo Valley Transit Agency
  • Needles Transit Agency
  • Victor Valley Transit Agency

Other Southern California Transit Providers

  • Foothill Transit Agency
  • Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA)
  • Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro)

Why was I transferred to the wrong public transit agency?

It’s possible that the voice recognition system may have misunderstood your selection. The best solution is to call 511 back. It’s a free call, and it will only take seconds to make your selection again. If you select an agency and hear the system read back a different agency name, then before you are transferred to the transit agency, say “Stop” or “Go Back” to stop the transfer and make your choice again.

How do I prevent being transferred to an agency that I do not want?

When you request a transit agency, 511 will confirm your request by repeating the agency name it thought you said. Listen to the name, and if it does not match your request, say, “Stop” or “Go Back”. The system will then provide you with another opportunity to say the transit agency you want.

What if I don’t know which public transit agency I need?

From the Transit menu (accessed by saying, “Transit” from the Main Menu) say, “I don’t know.” The system will respond with, “What city will you be traveling from?” Provide the city name, and 511 transfer you to the transit agency that serves that city. If you are not within the Inland Empire, we will be unable to transfer you.

What do I do when I need public transportation information after hours?

Since transit agencies have different operator hours, it’s best that you become familiar with the hours of your preferred agency so you know when to call. If you need transit information after hours, you can always go to the Bus/Rail Trip Planner at

How do I give my feedback on the IE511 service?

The best way to give feedback is to use the contact form on this website. An alternate way to give feedback is to say “Comment” when using the phone service. The system will prompt you to leave a recorded message. Periodically, we will offer phone surveys on the system as a way to get feedback.